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This test assesses the skill level and aptitude of an InDesign user in the areas of print, web and mobile application publishing from project conception through delivery.

It will also assess the ability of job setup for individuals and/or teams.

This test covers knowledge of the application through InDesign CC (Adobe Creative Cloud), which includes knowledge of InDesign CS6.

The Secure Evaluation Mode and Remote versions of this test will contain a minimum of 36 questions and will require a typical time of 43 minutes.

The Secure Interview Mode and QwikChek versions will provide as many questions as the test taker can answer within an approximate 26 minute time limit.

Following is a description of each sub-topic on the test:

InDesign File Management assesses aptitude to create, open, edit, and save documents with Adobe InDesign CC.

Placing Files tests ability to place image and text file types into InDesign CC.

Publishing with InDesign CC measures understanding of the methods for preparing an InDesign CC document for publishing for print and web devices, as well as creating a PDF.

Exporting InDesign Files determines understanding of the available file types that can be created from an InDesign CC document, such as PDF, EPUB, RTF, and HTML.

InDesign Document Setup/Master Pages tests knowledge of creating and preparing a document for end use in InDesign CC.

Using Character/Paragraph Styles measures understanding of character utilization and paragraph styles for multiple applications and users in InDesign CC.

InDesign Color Management assesses understanding of the proper color settings, such as RGB and CMYK, based on desired end use of the product created in InDesign CC.

Using Type, Text, and Special Characters analyzes ability to create, access, and utilize type and text tools, as well as differences between the different styles of fonts in InDesign CC.

Tables in InDesign CC tests knowledge of table creation and modification, including row and column widths, cells, rules and the use of table and cell styles in InDesign CC.

Using Objects in InDesign CC assess the understanding of transforming, arranging, grouping, and adjusting frame options for document objects.

Using Document Tags determines understanding of tags and how they relate to character and paragraph styles based on the end use in InDesign CC. Also measures the ability to import an XML file.

Using Animations assesses knowledge of animation tools and techniques, such as motion paths, easing, and motion presets in InDesign CC.


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