English:listening;comprehension; grammar.

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This test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to utilize the English language. It includes a review of common grammar conventions and vocabulary, a section devoted to reading comprehension and questions that ask to identify and correct contextual errors in sentences. It conforms to American English wording norms. This test uses the IKM Linear Testing Platform which provides the same questions in the same order to every test taker. This test will contain 42 questions and will require a typical time of 42 minutes.

Following is a description of each sub-topic on the test:

Grammar demonstrates facility with common grammatical elements, including verb conjugations, articles and usage of tenses.

Vocabulary assesses understanding of English terminology (words) as well as the ability to contextually categorize words, e.g., synonyms, antonyms and specialized terminology (jargon) that enters common usage.

Spelling measures ability to recognize correctly spelled words and identify words that are misspelled.

Usage and Structure tests capability to recognize deficient sentences by identifying contextual errors, to assess formal structure and to reflect higher level writing skills by supplying appropriate alternative usages.

Reading Comprehension evaluates ability to comprehend written English and to recognize key contextual concepts.

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