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This test measures knowledge of the Scrum Agile framework. It covers essential aspects that the Scrum Master must know to coach and scale a team to use Scrum. This includes planning, organization, resolving impediments, reviewing work, and tracking metrics. The Secure Evaluation Mode and Remote versions of this test will contain a minimum of 36 questions and will require a typical time of 43 minutes. The Secure Interview Mode and QwikChek versions will provide as many questions as the test taker can answer within an approximate 26 minute time limit.

Following is a description of each sub-topic on the test:

Scrum Foundation assesses knowledge of the basic Scrum framework: its purpose, critical aspects, and intended goals.

Scrum Roles measures knowledge of the different roles and responsibilities within Scrum including Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the makeup of the Team.

Reviewing Work tests understanding of the Sprint Review and Retrospective ceremonies and why these are important to both the Team and the organization in Scrum.

Team Planning measures understanding of the ceremonies that cover the plan for the Team, such as the Daily Standup (Sprint Goal) and Sprint Planning, in Scrum.

Using the Product Backlog determines understanding of the Product Backlog ownership including how it is created and maintained in Scrum.

Estimating and Prioritizing the Work measures understanding of the Backlog prioritization and estimating techniques in Scrum.

High Performing Teams tests knowledge of the purpose and make up of high performing teams and how to create them using Scrum.

Organizational Impediments analyzes understanding of how organizational impediments can block a Scrum team from completing their work and how teams can best work with these impediments.

Team Agreements measures understanding of the importance of creating Team Agreements as the "ways of working" and covers the impact of Working Agreements, defining "Done," and establishing the Sprint Goal in Scrum.

Communication and Collaboration assesses understanding of the impact and importance of communication in a Scrum environment.

Scrum Sprints tests knowledge of how Scrum Sprints are defined and brought to conclusion.

Scrum Metrics determines knowledge of how to leverage Scrum metric tools for Team improvements.




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