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TCP/IP This test is designed for network engineers and administrators who are involved in creating oradministering TCP/IP networks.

This exam is part of the networking technet badge that incluses two more exams.
This test is designed for network engineers and administrators who are involved in creating or
administering TCP/IP networks.

Secure Evaluation Mode and Remote versions of this test will containa minimum of 51 questions and will require a typical time of 61 minutes.

Secure Interview  Mode and QwikChek versions will provide as many questions as the test taker can answer within an approximate 37 minute time limit.

CoreChek version will contain 27 questions and will require a typical time of 32

Following is a description of each sub-topic on the test:
IPv6 tests understanding of the features and characteristics of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
protocol in TCP/IP.

Core ARP/RARP Data Link Layer Protocols tests understanding of the low layer data link protocols.
 Application Layer Utilities checks understanding of the various TCP/IP utilities.
Automatic Addressing covers the fundamentals of automatic IP address management.
File Access Protocols measures understanding of the file access application layer protocols. Core
IP Addressing measures understanding of IP addresses and IP addressing. Core
IP and ICMP Network Layer Protocols evaluates knowledge of the IP and ICMP network layer protocols.
Core Internet Access Protocols tests knowledge of the TCP/IP application layer protocols used on the Internet.
Core Mail Protocols covers the fundamentals of TCP/IP Mail protocols.
Remote Access and Remote Access Application Protocols examines TCP/IP usage in a remote access environment.TCP and UDP Transport Layer Protocols tests understanding of the TCP transport layer protocol and how it compares to the UDP transport layer protocol used by TCP/IP. Core
TCP/IP Basics and the OSI Model examines knowledge of basic TCP/IP concepts. Core
TCP/IP Naming and Resolution Services tests knowledge of the operation of TCP/IP naming and naming resolution services. Core TCP/IP Network Management assesses knowledge of TCP/IP network management principles and tools.
TCP/IP Routing and Routing Protocols covers TCP/IP routing concepts and assesses knowledge of the TCP/IP routing protocols. Core TCP/IP Security covers TCP/IP Security risks and preventative measures.
TCP/IP Troubleshooting checks understanding of basic TCP/IP troubleshooting tools and methods

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