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Contents and features :

This test assesses the skill level and aptitude of an Adobe Photoshop user in the areas of image manipulation, document setup, actions, drawing tools, type tools, and effects.

It covers knowledge of the application through Photoshop CC (Adobe Creative Cloud), which includes knowledge of Photoshop CS6.

The test could be deployed in the :

  1. The Secure Evaluation Mode and Remote versions of this test will contain a minimum of 36 questions and will require a typical time of 43 minutes.
  2. The Secure Interview Mode and QwikChek versions will provide as many questions as the test taker can answer within an approximate 26 minute time limit.
  3. The CoreChek version will contain 27 questions and will require a typical time of 32 minutes.

Sub-topic on the test:

Using Filters and Effects measures knowledge of filters and lighting effects used to enhance and alter images and their properties in Photoshop CC.

Using Photoshop Tools assesses understanding of the functionality of brushes, stamps, selection, cropping, pen and drawing tools in Photoshop CC.

Navigating the Photoshop User Interface tests knowledge of the Photoshop CC interface, such as the ability to identify the locations and functionality of menus, panels, and bars.

Editing Images determines knowledge of image retouching, color corrections, and levels, as well as the ability to make image and object transformations in Photoshop CC.

Managing Colors in Photoshop assesses understanding of color modes, color management and maintaining color consistency, as well as a basic understanding of channels in Photoshop CC.

Selections and Masking measures aptitude of selection tools and masking techniques and their properties, as well as working with channels in Photoshop CC.

Managing Layers assesses ability to create, duplicate, adjust and group layers. Also measures knowledge of creating and working with Smart Objects in Photoshop CC.

Photoshop File Management tests knowledge of various file formats, as well as the importing, exporting, and saving of files using Photoshop CC.

Photoshop Image Fundamentals assesses basic understanding of various file formats, and knowledge of resizing and resolution standards within Photoshop CC.

Using Photoshop Workflows measures knowledge of best practice workflow procedures, including keyboard shortcuts, working with Adobe Bridge, and implementing actions in Photoshop CC.

Working with Text in Photoshop determines the ability to create, edit and format text and utilization of text effects in Photoshop CC.

Drawing and Painting in Photoshop tests understanding of drawing and modifying paths and vector shapes, and using painting tools in Photoshop CC.



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