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exam subtopics:

  1. Connecting to Databases using JDBC determines the level of expertise in using JDBC resources from traditional Java applications, J2EE applications, and Java applets.
  2. Managing Transactions using JDBC checks knowledge of transaction management in Java applications.
  3. Distributed Transactions using JDBC and JTA evaluates ability to manage transactions in distributed application environments such as J2EE using JDBC and the Java Transaction API (JTA).
  4. Retrieving Data from the Database Using JDBC tests skills and expertise in using JDBC data retrieval features.
  5. Updating Data in the Database using JDBC tests skills and expertise in using JDBC data updating features.
  6. Optimizing Database Access and Update using JDBC assesses the ability to develop efficient JDBC applications.
  7. Using Stored Procedures checks ability to develop applications that use Statement, Prepared Statement and Callable Statement to access stored procedures.
  8. Building Database Independent Applications tests ability to develop applications that can run robustly with any database management system.
  9. DataSource Objects to Manage Database Connections evaluates knowledge of JDBC DataSource for use in managing database connections.
  10. Using SQL5 with JDBC assesses knowledge and expertise in using the SQL5 support defined in the JDBC API.
  11. SQL Statements tests expertise in manipulating relational data with SQL using the JDBC API.
  12. Using Resultsets and Rowsets evaluates knowledge and experience with using the JDBC ResultSet and RowSet objects.
  13. Writing JDBC Drivers tests ability to implement the APIs defined in java.sql and javax.sql.
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